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The Mallee Family Care Community Legal Centre has developed two friendly and easy to follow videos for teens with an intellectual disability or on the Autism spectrum, on the topics of sexual consent and sexting.

There is an accompanying fact sheet for each topic which will assist teachers, parents & carers and wellbeing staff with further information about the topics. We have also produced a postcard on each topic with the important points to remember.
Our aim is empower young people with legal knowledge to improve decision making and reduce their risk of becoming victims or breaking the law.  As a result this will empower them with the knowledge to improve decision making, make informed decisions about sexual consent, reduce legal intervention and presentation at sexual assault services.
The videos may not be appropriate for all young people, however teachers, carers and parents will recognise when their teens are exploring relationships and sexuality and these tools may help to assist young people to understand the laws and promote further discussion.

The terms used in the videos have been at the suggestion of teachers/support staff who work with young people in the target audience.

To view the videos, view & order the postcards & download the fact sheets, please click on the links opposite.

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Consent video
View the Consent postcard 
Consent factsheet - Please print double-sided on A3 paper for best results.

Sexting video
View the Sexting Postcard
Sexting factsheet - Please print double-
sided on A3 paper for best results.

If you would like to order postcards or factsheets, please email:
Allie Collyer - Community Education Worker and state how many you would like, your name, postal address and organisation.

* Limit of 20 cards and factsheets on each topic.

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